Shoot & Throw Games

  • Metal Slug Brutal
    Metal Slug Brutal
    Played 375 times

    Slay the enemies that roam the streets of your town!

  • Vinnies Shooting Yard 2
    Vinnies Shooting Yard 2
    Played 51 times

    Choose your weapon for target practice!

  • Shoot Out
    Shoot Out
    Played 35 times

    Take out all of the robots in this compound!

  • Holly's Water Balloon Blast!
    Holly's Water Balloon Blast!
    Played 126 times
  • Monsters Go Home
    Monsters Go Home
    Played 35 times

    Monsters are invading your dream-house drawings!

  • The Strangers 2
    The Strangers 2
    Played 46 times

    Strangers are attacking; you must save your village from fire and destruction!

  • Wild West Coin Fest
    Wild West Coin Fest
    Played 43 times

    Those crazy gunslingers are takin' over town. We need your help to collect all the gold coins they've stolen.

  • Hitstick
    Played 471 times

    The only question you should ask yourself is: what gun should I use?

  • 2112 Cooperation 2
    2112 Cooperation 2
    Played 275 times

    Now that you've made it inside, you'll need your back-up more than ever.

  • 2112 Cooperation: Chapter 5
    2112 Cooperation: Chapter 5
    Played 220 times

    Revenge is sweet, and it'll be even sweeter with your friend by your side, guns blazing.

  • Zombie Invaders 2
    Zombie Invaders 2
    Played 459 times

    Don't these zombies know when to quit? Oh wait, they're braindead.

  • Super Evil Air Voltar
    Super Evil Air Voltar
    Played 344 times

    When full of hot air, you can really soar.

  • Stoneage Assassin
    Stoneage Assassin
    Played 17 times

    Even the most primitive mind knows the bloodlust of revenge…

  • Far West
    Far West
    Played 21 times

    It’s just you and your gun against an army of desperados, and you’re low on bullets…

  • Swine Flu Salvation
    Swine Flu Salvation
    Played 22 times

    The Governator is the last hope against the apocalyptic swine flu invasion...

  • Battle Garden
    Battle Garden
    Played 445 times

    There are some unwelcome visitors in the garden, but these

  • Machine Gunz
    Machine Gunz
    Played 27 times

    Advanced weapons technology is awesome, but nothing beats a good aim.

  • Cute Destroyer
    Cute Destroyer
    Played 40 times

    The cuteness is relentless, so your shooting better be too.

  • Snow Striker
    Snow Striker
    Played 33 times

    The bullies are here to get you: these kids are mean, and you need to show them what a snow war means!

  • Zombie Bears
    Zombie Bears
    Played 463 times

    They say if a bear attacks, play dead. But what do you play if an undead bear attacks?

  • Dawn of the Zombies
    Dawn of the Zombies
    Played 78 times

    This gun-happy stickman has discovered that zombies are better than ATMs!

  • Mutant Hamsters
    Mutant Hamsters
    Played 192 times

    Time for a hamster extermination: the little buggers have turned into havoc-happy mutant maniacs!

  • DeBugger
    Played 31 times

    The creepy crawlies are getting out of hand—time to call the exterminator!

  • HUGO: Total Defender
    HUGO: Total Defender
    Played 187 times

    The enemy's on the move—and headed for your encampment!

  • RoboCity
    Played 29 times

    The robots are rallying...against the human race!

  • Big Evil Robots
    Big Evil Robots
    Played 377 times

    It's a 21st-century David and Goliath—are you bad enough to beat the bots?

  • Alien Attack
    Alien Attack
    Played 286 times

    What do you do when the lights go out on a hijacked ship...?

  • Ragdoll Parashooter
    Ragdoll Parashooter
    Played 45 times

    These desperate dollies are bent on destruction.

  • Mexico Heat
    Mexico Heat
    Played 210 times

    Terminate these toxic tacos with some Tijuana-style target practice!

  • Clown Carnage
    Clown Carnage
    Played 66 times

    Scared of clowns? Take your revenge.

  • Carveola Incident
    Carveola Incident
    Played 311 times

    Shoot first—then ask questions! Who can you trust in this outerspace fight to the finish?

  • No More Aliens
    No More Aliens
    Played 22 times

    Only Magnus Bullet can save us now...

  • Stop GMO 2: Underground
    Stop GMO 2: Underground
    Played 45 times

    Those villain veggies are back and they’re thirsty for more!

  • Toss the Turtle
    Toss the Turtle
    Played 148 times

    This turtle always dreamed of being able to fly. But this isn’t quite what he had in mind…

  • Red Extinction
    Red Extinction
    Played 23 times

    It’s an epic fight for survival on a microbiotic scale. Join the battle, already in progress.

  • Hive Defender
    Hive Defender
    Played 17 times

    When there's honey involved, bees don't mess around.

    • 10 More Bullets
      10 More Bullets
      Played 142 times

      You’re low on ammo and alien ships are destroying everything in sight. Can you stop them with just 10 bullets?

    • Sudden Aviator
      Sudden Aviator
      Played 34 times

      You will secure these islands if it takes all the mini-nukes in your air arsenal!

    • Queen's Quests
      Queen's Quests
      Played 18 times

      One must clear the road of monsters so that the queen may visit her father.

    • Zombie on Wheels: The Arrival
      Zombie on Wheels: The Arrival
      Played 19 times

      A shopping cart is the vehicle of choice for modern-day zombie slayers.

    • Bait & Switch
      Bait & Switch
      Played 36 times
    • Kick Out Miley
      Kick Out Miley
      Played 181 times

      Miley is giving these construction dudes some wrecking ball-sized headaches. Help them give her the boot.

    • Panzault
      Played 35 times

      The enemy has taken to the skies. How long will you and your tank last against their aerial onslaught?

    • Purrmageddon
      Played 29 times

      These kitties are tired of dealing with humans. Join them as they put the "cat" in catastrophe!

    • Toon Tournament
      Toon Tournament
      Played 38 times

      How long will you survive in this crazy first person shooter game? A gang of toons are stuck in an epic fight to the finish. Take on the computer or press your luck in the multiplayer arena.