Shoot & Throw Games

  • Mecha Arena
    Mecha Arena
    Played 980 times

    Jump behind the controls of one of these mechanized warriors and get ready to bonk some bots.

  • The Strangers
    The Strangers
    Played 5886 times

    Follow the directions carefully, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger.

  • Pilot Heroes
    Pilot Heroes
    Played 1929 times
  • Peacekeeper
    Played 2624 times

    Nothing keeps the peace like a plasma rifle.

  • Mexico Rex
    Mexico Rex
    Played 6889 times

    This mighty T-Rex is on the loose, but it has a Gatling gun attached to make it even more dangerous! Stomp around, eat soldiers, and destroy vehicles with your weapons in this fun arcade game!

  • Battle Force
    Battle Force
    Played 1171 times

    Get suited up, soldier. Your next mission is about to begin!

  • Frontline Defense
    Frontline Defense
    Played 2942 times

    Bust out the big guns, soldier—you'll need 'em.

  • Anime Star Fighting
    Anime Star Fighting
    Played 21975 times

    The stars of animation come together with one purpose: last man standing…

  • Robot Lion King
    Robot Lion King
    Played 3687 times

    Assemble and create your own super power Lion King robot. Fit all the parts in the right place and watch this beast roar and rule with flames and metal strength!

  • Nuclear Eagle
    Nuclear Eagle
    Played 2969 times

    Catch as many children as you can and bring them to your nest to feed up your hungry babies!

  • PC Smash
    PC Smash
    Played 19883 times

    Fed up with your computer freezing? Now's the time to take out your frustrations.

  • Banzai
    Played 6645 times

    There are two sides to any war...

  • Deus Racer: Highway Combat
    Deus Racer: Highway Combat
    Played 4897 times

    Your life's on the line and the government's after you, so hit the road and flee to safety!

  • Bomb It 6
    Bomb It 6
    Played 54641 times

    Ready your bombs, and may the best bot win...

  • Battle Gear 2
    Battle Gear 2
    Played 20928 times

    Where does your allegiance lie in the battle for world domination?

  • Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
    Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
    Played 8911 times

    Oh no! Hammerhead is under attack! Take command of the kingdom’s forces and show these baddies who’s boss.

  • Extreme Pamplona
    Extreme Pamplona
    Played 17859 times

    An angry bull is about to chase you through the arena. Will you make it out of there without getting gored?

  • Royal Knight
    Royal Knight
    Played 4660 times

    Become the ultimate royal knight in this dynamic and challenging strategy game. Will you be able to successfully battle through all levels?

  • Mad Mech Robowars
    Mad Mech Robowars
    Played 1007 times

    You are a killing machine with a soft spot for lasers.

  • Stick Squad
    Stick Squad
    Played 1235 times

    Play as a pair of sniper assassins and embark on a mission to retrieve a stolen missile.

  • New York Rex
    New York Rex
    Played 7119 times

    Uh-oh! Rex has escaped again! Now he’s gonna take a bite out of the Big Apple!

    Played 43503 times

    Only the toughest piranhas will survive this feeding frenzy! Hunt down some tasty tourists but watch out! Lots of other piranhas will want to sink their teeth into you in this multiplayer .io game.

  • Undead's Island
    Undead's Island
    Played 1125 times

    Somewhere over the Pacific, you crash-land on what you mistakenly believe is an uninhabited island...

  • Mad Truckers
    Mad Truckers
    Played 3490 times

    Crush everything with your huge truck and try to raise your business.

  • Toy Defense
    Toy Defense
    Played 41831 times

    They may be made out of plastic but they definitely pack a punch! Strategically position your toy soldiers and cannons in order to defend your base in this exciting tower defense game.

  • King Of Terrors
    King Of Terrors
    Played 3102 times

    Create the ultimate fighting machine in this totally cool robot creation game, King of Terrors! Assemble the parts together and then have it fight against another player in an all out battle!

  • Volcano Flight Control
    Volcano Flight Control
    Played 3118 times

    Eyjafjallajokul is at it again, but no one's grounding your plane!

  • Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle
    Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle
    Played 12544 times

    There's no other battle like this on the entire internet! Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle will have you face off against menacing foes that will use amazing martial arts and fighting techniques, but you must prove that you're stronger!

  • Dead Zed 2
    Dead Zed 2
    Played 3590 times

    People are dying and coming back to life—I can hear them coming. Good thing I have this pistol...

  • Dino Robot - Spinosaurus
    Dino Robot - Spinosaurus
    Played 5139 times

    This robotic dinosaur can also turn into an awesome fire truck. Let’s see if we can put it together and fast.

  • SAS: Zombie Assault 4
    SAS: Zombie Assault 4
    Played 4520 times

    Fight against deformed creatures, monsters and zombies with action packed battles, gore and guts! Onboard the Kurios Spaceport Station your mission is to defend humanity against the infection spreading across the galaxy in this fourth version of the visually graphic shooting game, SAS: Zombie Assault 4! Do you have the guts, health, speed, agility and power to survive?

  • Rage 3
    Rage 3
    Played 2069 times

    Who knew that stick figures could be so cool! In Rage 3, you can equip a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, and there’s so many to choose from. Each and every stage is different and filled with enemies equipped to bring you down! Collect energy spheres to power up your Rage Meter and unleash pain on them all! Hit fast and hard as you were meant to do!

  • Driving Force 2
    Driving Force 2
    Played 7531 times

    Chasing after suspects is tough, especially when they’re packing bazookas. Can you take down each one?

  • Sift Renegade 3
    Sift Renegade 3
    Played 3870 times

    Kiro and his brother are up against another gang of triads. Help them slice and dice their way through their latest mission in this action-packed ninja game.

  • Mini Racer
    Mini Racer
    Played 11394 times

    Get in that cool Mini sports car and drive for your life! Avoid the crashes at all cost if you want to survive. Can you steer clear of danger and win a race?

  • Plazma Burst 2
    Plazma Burst 2
    Played 8339 times

    Modify your suit and get ready for your next mission. The fight for the fate of your planet is continuing.

    • ClickDeath Motel
      ClickDeath Motel
      Played 2514 times

      Accidents happen all the time, but none as horrible as the ones you’ll create in this dark and addictive browser game, Click Death Motel! Get ready for death!

    • The Sniper 2
      The Sniper 2
      Played 6934 times
    • Thumb Fighter
      Thumb Fighter
      Played 5914 times

      Use all your strength to defeat your enemy in this online version of the classic thumb fight game. Use A and L to control each warrior. Have Fun!

    • Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
      Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
      Played 1102 times

      Join this magical creature on an adventure that’s a blast from the past.

    • Strike Force Heroes 3
      Strike Force Heroes 3
      Played 13964 times
    • Offroad Madness
      Offroad Madness
      Played 3866 times

      This ain't no pansy suburban driving--this is what SUVs were made for!

    • Papa's Wingeria
      Papa's Wingeria
      Played 8883 times

      Papa’s taking you under his wing—his new hotwing franchise, that is…

    • Bomber at War II: Level Pack
      Bomber at War II: Level Pack
      Played 9855 times

      This battle isn’t over yet. Let’s get you back to your fighter jet...

    • Shark Attack
      Shark Attack
      Played 3261 times

      This shark is on an endless feeding frenzy. Help him avoid the nets and pirate ships while he eats lots of tasty turtles and scrumptious scuba divers in this action game.

    • Bloons Tower Defense 4
      Bloons Tower Defense 4
      Played 3851 times

      Grab some tacks—it's time for balloon-popping mayhem.

    • Tank Attack
      Tank Attack
      Played 2775 times

      Tanks are awesome, but who can maneuver these massive metal monsters?

    • Trick Hoops Challenge
      Trick Hoops Challenge
      Played 8007 times

      Challenge the toughest basketball players and defeat them on the street, at their own game.