Shoot & Throw Games

  • World Domination 2
    World Domination 2
    Played 6574 times

    Play at 3 levels of difficulty and against 1, 2, 3, or 4 opponents to achieve World Domination.

  • Angry Bees
    Angry Bees
    Played 3476 times

    These bugs are on the march. Get ready for a pint-sized battle of epic proportions!

  • Epic Ninja
    Epic Ninja
    Played 3055 times

    This fearless ninja is about to begin a roaring rampage of revenge. Join him while he goes in search of a mysterious villain in this epic action game.

  • Nobuyuki Forces
    Nobuyuki Forces
    Played 1935 times

    There is a hideout, a secret place. Try to save the world by discovering this place.

  • Motor Wars
    Motor Wars
    Played 9177 times

    Grab a helmet and a sack lunch: the battle is about to begin.

  • Crazy Topy
    Crazy Topy
    Played 2177 times

    Bounce, wriggle, and roll to the finish line in this weirdly insane racing machine!

  • Kung-Fu Grandpa
    Kung-Fu Grandpa
    Played 1467 times

    These thugs just messed with the wrong grandpa. Wanna help him lay the smack down?

  • City Shootout
    City Shootout
    Played 5365 times

    Are you ready to defend your turf against the enemy? Shoot them all in City Shootout! After every mission, buy and upgrade your weapons for even more power!

  • Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
    Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
    Played 7020 times

    Oh no! Hammerhead is under attack! Take command of the kingdom’s forces and show these baddies who’s boss.

  • Crossbow 3D
    Crossbow 3D
    Played 2251 times

    Think you're a good shot? Train your crosshairs and fire at will.

  • Wings of Fury
    Wings of Fury
    Played 572 times

    As a purple dragon, it is your duty to find the Well of Souls and prevent the Dark Master from resurrecting.

  • Ace Gangster Taxi
    Ace Gangster Taxi
    Played 9590 times
  • Playing with Fire 2
    Playing with Fire 2
    Played 6744 times

    Who has the best firepower? Find out in this explosive game!

  • Flakboy
    Played 4659 times

    An experiment in physical destruction: how much damage can you deal?

  • Election Punch-Off: Primary 2016
    Election Punch-Off: Primary 2016
    Played 1763 times

    The US presidential race isn’t for the faint of heart! Pick out your favorite candidate and get ready to rumble. Hillary can definitely throw a punch and Ted’s a contender in this free boxing game.

  • Hitman For Hire
    Hitman For Hire
    Played 6785 times

    Wanted: one assassin. Duties include: using cool guns, taking down targets, and not getting caught.

  • Feudalism 2
    Feudalism 2
    Played 6472 times

    In this age, skill and weapons mastery was the path to supreme rule!

  • Sift Renegade 3
    Sift Renegade 3
    Played 3002 times

    Kiro and his brother are up against another gang of triads. Help them slice and dice their way through their latest mission in this action-packed ninja game.

  • Strategy Defence 3
    Strategy Defence 3
    Played 587 times

    Train your soldiers, build towers, use special weapons, and destroy your enemy's castle.

  • Mahjong Discovery
    Mahjong Discovery
    Played 1322 times

    Armed with only a treasure map and his mahjong skills, Peter sets out on an unforgettable adventure!

  • Destroy the Village
    Destroy the Village
    Played 2421 times

    It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets.

  • Heliwars
    Played 7760 times

    Seek and destroy...

  • Alien Attack Team 2
    Alien Attack Team 2
    Played 2982 times

    So you’re ready to kick some alien tail, eh? Well, you’re gonna need some training first...

  • Freeway Fury 3
    Freeway Fury 3
    Played 1869 times

    Drive, jump, steal vehicles and cause mayhem on the freeway!

  • Clear Vision 4
    Clear Vision 4
    Played 8290 times

    Jake just woke up in a hospital room. How quickly can he return to action?

  • Riddle School 2
    Riddle School 2
    Played 17479 times

    Pick up items, look at the map, and leave the school!

  • Treasure Arena
    Treasure Arena
    Played 604 times

    Prepare yourself for the ultimate adrenaline rush with this old-school battle royale.

  • Stick Em Up
    Stick Em Up
    Played 4205 times
  • 2D Knockout
    2D Knockout
    Played 3075 times

    Box your way around the world, one KO at a time.

  • Vex
    Played 1967 times

    You’d better keep your wits about you…it’s a dangerous world out there for a stickman!

  • The Last Stand: Union City
    The Last Stand: Union City
    Played 14648 times

    A late night trip into this zombie-infested metropolis is about to get really interesting...

  • New York Shark
    New York Shark
    Played 1144 times

    How do super-powered sharks unwind during a trip to the Big Apple? They destroy everything in sight!

  • Storm Ops
    Storm Ops
    Played 18055 times

    Snuff out the enemy with your super-sharp sniper skills.

  • Glauron: Dragon Tales
    Glauron: Dragon Tales
    Played 3536 times

    Take flight as the mighty and brave dragon known as Glauron! Breathe fire down upon your foes and their buildings for points. Never before have you played an arcade game like Glauron: Dargon Tales!

  • Avatar: Aang On!
    Avatar: Aang On!
    Played 628 times

    Aang is about to begin a trial that will definitely put his skills to the test. Help him stay on top of these pillars for as long as possible in this point and click action game.

  • Sword and Soul
    Sword and Soul
    Played 5726 times
    • Prison Breakout
      Prison Breakout
      Played 3774 times

      Make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to cross the yard!

    • Pixel Warfare 4
      Pixel Warfare 4
      Played 3422 times

      Take warfare to a whole new level in this exciting and fun game, Pixel Warfare 4! Join your comrades as you fight players from around the world!

    • Undead's Island
      Undead's Island
      Played 918 times

      Somewhere over the Pacific, you crash-land on what you mistakenly believe is an uninhabited island...

    • Intruder: Combat Training 2
      Intruder: Combat Training 2
      Played 1246 times

      Become the ultimate special forces operative in this fast-paced 2D shooter. Brutal firefights, missions and rag doll physics await.

    • My Friend Pedro
      My Friend Pedro
      Played 1028 times

      A talking banana would like you to go on a roaring rampage of revenge. Don’t worry, you can trust him.

    • Small Arms War
      Small Arms War
      Played 821 times

      Stick it to the man, stick man.

    • Secure the Deck
      Secure the Deck
      Played 3326 times

      Special Ops must go forward, rain, wind, or worse....

    • Tank War
      Tank War
      Played 10100 times

      Choose your missile and be the first to destroy the opponent's tank!

    • Whack Your Boss 2
      Whack Your Boss 2
      Played 3674 times

      Your boss has gone too far this time! It’s time to whack him. Have a look around your cubicle and see if there’s anything you can use to get rid of him for good in this crazy online game.

    • Infectonator
      Played 1798 times

      Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World!

    • Toy Defense
      Toy Defense
      Played 35014 times

      They may be made out of plastic but they definitely pack a punch! Strategically position your toy soldiers and cannons in order to defend your base in this exciting tower defense game.