Shoot & Throw Games

  • Mutilate-a-Doll 2
    Mutilate-a-Doll 2
    Played 25537 times

    Mutilate various ragdolls using a large selection of destructive tools such as BB guns, electro pulses, blasts, bullets and much more in this fun virtual physics game!

  • Super Smash Flash 2
    Super Smash Flash 2
    Played 46459 times

    Prepare for some epic battles! With 28 classic characters to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

  • BMX Master
    BMX Master
    Played 50230 times

    Don't try this at home… These stunts are unreal!

  • Ultimate Boxing
    Ultimate Boxing
    Played 27932 times

    Disfruta de lo mejor del boxeo en este juego de habilidad en 3D. ¡Juega gratis desde tu PC, celular, tablet o cualquier dispositivo móvil!

  • Battle S.W.A.T vs Mercenary
    Battle S.W.A.T vs Mercenary
    Played 38602 times

    Players from all around the world are gathering to do battle in this multiplayer action game. Carve a path of destruction with everything from butcher knives to rifles. How long will you last?

  • Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3
    Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3
    Played 35007 times

    The action is intense in this multiplayer online game. Challenge opponents from across the globe while you fight to find powerful weapons and take them out, one by one!

  • Army Recoup Island
    Army Recoup Island
    Played 11977 times

    After an attack while on training, you’re stuck in the middle of enemy territory and have to do what you can to survive! Ready your gun in Army Recoup Island!

  • Riddle School 2
    Riddle School 2
    Played 28767 times

    Pick up items, look at the map, and leave the school!

  • Warfare 1917
    Warfare 1917
    Played 46640 times

    You are a commander of the British army—send your troops to the trenches!

  • Electricman 2
    Electricman 2
    Played 26112 times

    Take part in the Voltagen Tournament and beat the current champion.

  • Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Played 18790 times

    Burst these bubbles with a haunting pop!

  • Hide Online
    Hide Online
    Played 8411 times

    They can run but they can’t hide! Hunt down totally crazy stuff like chairs and coffee cups that are determined to avoid getting captured. Join players from all around the world while they attempt to take out all the objects in this office that seem to have minds of their own. Can you hunt them all down before your opponents do in this weird and wild multiplayer action game?

  • Run
    Played 9709 times

    Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!

  • Strike Force Heroes 3
    Strike Force Heroes 3
    Played 11323 times
  • Stick Figure Penalty
    Stick Figure Penalty
    Played 13458 times

    These criminals are the worst and only deserve the worst kind of punishment, but it’s up to you to figure out how in this fun browser game, Stick Figure Penalty!

  • LoneWolf
    Played 18734 times

    Think you've got what it takes to become an elite sniper? This non-stop action shooter has intense gameplay that will really put your skills to the test!

  • Wrestle Jump
    Wrestle Jump
    Played 17790 times

    These wacky wrestlers have had a little too much fun in the sun.

  • Trump on Top
    Trump on Top
    Played 16194 times

    The US presidential election may be over but the battle is raging on in this mobile game. Who will come out on top? Will it be Trump or Clinton this time? Join the candidates and their crazy friends while they literally fight for their lives!

  • AZ
    Played 16033 times

    Two or three players can jump into the action in this online game. Choose a tank and get ready for battle in an exciting arena where there’s danger around every corner.

  • Raze 3
    Raze 3
    Played 7715 times

    Lock and load! Arm youself with weapons—it’s time to take on aliens, robots and more!

  • Shoot'M
    Played 12842 times

    Can you shoot the clever, jumping and dodging stickman? Earn money for a cold blood upgrade of your weapons arsenal. Aim and fire with 30 different weapons to choose from. Explosive fun!

  • De-Stress
    Played 12087 times

    When the going gets tough, the tough smash their cellphones.

  • Vex
    Played 3472 times

    You’d better keep your wits about you…it’s a dangerous world out there for a stickman!

  • Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Zombies
    Played 48655 times

    Get ready to soil your plants: the zombies are coming, and only flower power can stop them!

  • TU-46
    Played 23545 times

    This airline has plenty of classic planes but plenty of problems too. Can you help them out?

  • Plazma Burst
    Plazma Burst
    Played 12388 times

    The future depends on you changing the past….

  • Happy Room
    Happy Room
    Played 110927 times

    The ragdoll man is yours do whatever you wantplease! BLOW HIM UP in his Happy Room !

  • Robot Fire Dragon
    Robot Fire Dragon
    Played 2937 times

    Build your very own Robot Fire Dragon in this totally cool toy builder game on the browser. Piece together all the parts for this incredibly huge and awesome toy that you can show off!

  • Kingdom Rush
    Kingdom Rush
    Played 12777 times

    As one of the greatest generals the kingdom has ever known, tower defense is your specialty...

  • Mega Mechs Assembling
    Mega Mechs Assembling
    Played 3071 times

    Welcome to the year 2075. Aliens have ransacked the planet and only you and your super awesome battle bots can end their reign of terror. Get to the lab and build your next mech in this action game.

  • Zombies Star War
    Zombies Star War
    Played 3552 times

    As if attacking the garden wasn’t enough, these zombies have taken to the skies and beyond to bring about destruction to your peaceful life. Fight them back and win!

  • Trick Hoops Challenge
    Trick Hoops Challenge
    Played 12311 times

    Challenge the toughest basketball players and defeat them on the street, at their own game.

  • Steampunk Tower
    Steampunk Tower
    Played 6233 times

    Hello, old chap! Dust off your monocle and your favorite top hat. It's a wonderful day for a battle.

  • Plazma Burst 2
    Plazma Burst 2
    Played 11042 times

    Modify your suit and get ready for your next mission. The fight for the fate of your planet is continuing.

  • Stunt Pilot
    Stunt Pilot
    Played 1384 times

    Show off some fancy flying maneuvers.

  • Earn to Die 2: Exodus
    Earn to Die 2: Exodus
    Played 10711 times
    • Gun Blood
      Gun Blood
      Played 51252 times

      How quick can you be to fire off your gun and kill the other person? Find out in this bloody and fun western shooter, Gun Blood! Get your guns ready!

    • Smilodon Rampage
      Smilodon Rampage
      Played 2749 times

      Description: Espace from your icy tomb and tear anything and everyone in your path to freedom! There’s nothing like being a powerful and mighty Smilodon!

    • Army Force Strike
      Army Force Strike
      Played 7165 times

      Prepare yourself to embark into the best first person multiplayer experience you can imagine! Play Army Force Strike and get ready to shoot, kill and disable enemies of all calibers on this multiplayer first person arena shooting game. Play more online games like this for free on

    • Crash 'n Smash Derby
      Crash 'n Smash Derby
      Played 23458 times

      Anything goes when you're in the ring, so get crashing and smashing!

    • 3D Mahjong
      3D Mahjong
      Played 20795 times

      Remove all pairs of tiles from the board.

    • Decision 3
      Decision 3
      Played 820 times

      Are there survivors waiting for you in this crumbling metropolis? Or just more zombies? Time to find out...

    • Sniper Team
      Sniper Team
      Played 32095 times

      When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.

    • Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit
      Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit
      Played 32295 times

      These thieves are on the run and they’ve stolen some awesome muscle cars too. It’s your job to catch them before they escape. Time is running short so you’d better get moving. Jump in your squad car and bust ‘em in this racing game.

    • Earn to Die 2012
      Earn to Die 2012
      Played 4213 times

      The best way to kill zombies is to smash into them with a 4x4…

    • The Last Stand: Union City
      The Last Stand: Union City
      Played 9863 times

      A late night trip into this zombie-infested metropolis is about to get really interesting...

    • Extreme Pamplona
      Extreme Pamplona
      Played 18944 times

      An angry bull is about to chase you through the arena. Will you make it out of there without getting gored?

    • Pixel Warfare 5
      Pixel Warfare 5
      Played 11555 times

      Get ready for another few rounds of old-school action. Join a room, grab some weapons and prepare yourself for a deathmatch or two in this multiplayer first person shooter game.