Halloween Games

  • Gods of Arena
    Gods of Arena
    Played 17304 times

    You’ve returned to your homeland to discover that your father has passed away and he’s left you penniless. Will you restore honor to your family in this action game? Assemble a team of mighty gladiators and get ready to conquer arenas all across the empire. Can you improve their fighting abilities with all of the superior armor and weapons that you can buy during your journey?

  • Crusader Defense 2
    Crusader Defense 2
    Played 11932 times

    Another wave of warriors is trying to attack your castle. Defend it at all costs, brave knight!

  • Miami Rex
    Miami Rex
    Played 6166 times

    This super rad Tyrannosaurus Rex is about to take a giant bite out of Miami. Tag along with him while he gobbles up the locals and sinks his fangs into the occasional submarine. That’s like surf and turf for dinosaurs! You can also buy him weapons and upgrades in this totally crazy action game.

  • Nuclear Eagle
    Nuclear Eagle
    Played 2521 times

    Catch as many children as you can and bring them to your nest to feed up your hungry babies!

  • Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
    Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
    Played 853 times

    Join this magical creature on an adventure that’s a blast from the past.

  • Battalion Commander
    Battalion Commander
    Played 1986 times

    Commander, the enemy is on the move. Gather your troops and gear: it's time to strike!

  • Battlefield shooter 2
    Battlefield shooter 2
    Played 4914 times

    In this new version of Battlefield Shooter you have to steal yourself against the enemy that attacks your base territory! Take up arms, aim and shoot to kill in an attempt to complete your mission. It's all on you now. Are you brave enough to be the next combat hero?

  • Doodieman Voodoo
    Doodieman Voodoo
    Played 3570 times
  • Sift Heads Cartels: Act 3
    Sift Heads Cartels: Act 3
    Played 2634 times

    Vinnie and his team are back, and nothing’s going to stop them on their violent quest for vengeance…

  • Mexico Rex
    Mexico Rex
    Played 3660 times

    This mighty T-Rex is on the loose, but it has a Gatling gun attached to make it even more dangerous! Stomp around, eat soldiers, and destroy vehicles with your weapons in this fun arcade game!

  • Frontline Defense
    Frontline Defense
    Played 2926 times

    Bust out the big guns, soldier—you'll need 'em.

  • Dead Samurai 2
    Dead Samurai 2
    Played 5554 times

    Return to a world filled with danger and excitement. Each one of these warriors possess a unique skill. Choose one of them wisely and prepare for the fight of your life in this action game.

  • Caribbean Admiral
    Caribbean Admiral
    Played 2960 times

    Pirates are storming the seas of the Caribbean. The only thing standing between order and chaos is you.

  • Stalingrad
    Played 4413 times

    Join the epic battle to defend the city—it’s a matter of life and death!

  • Battle Mechs
    Battle Mechs
    Played 4741 times

    Win battles, upgrade your bot, and become unstoppable!

  • Moomoo.Io
    Played 8323 times

    Who knew that farming could be so intense? Fight for resources while you take on an international group of players in this crazy io game. You’ll need to collect stones, food and wood in order to construct a farm and build weapons that will help keep you safe.

  • Strike Force Kitty
    Strike Force Kitty
    Played 2960 times

    The strike force kitties are back on business this time they are ready to face the ultimate battle against the raccoon realm! Your ultimate goal is to win the battle, exterminate the enemies and of course have a lot of fun!

  • Freefall Tournament
    Freefall Tournament
    Played 4185 times

    Will you fight as an assassin, a scout or another interstellar warrior in this multiplayer 3D action game? Double check your weapons before you leap into battle against gamers from all around the globe and maybe even beyond!

  • Toy Defense
    Toy Defense
    Played 29432 times

    They may be made out of plastic but they definitely pack a punch! Strategically position your toy soldiers and cannons in order to defend your base in this exciting tower defense game.

  • Smilodon Rampage
    Smilodon Rampage
    Played 3431 times

    Description: Espace from your icy tomb and tear anything and everyone in your path to freedom! There’s nothing like being a powerful and mighty Smilodon!

  • Drunk Fu: Wasted Master
    Drunk Fu: Wasted Master
    Played 1672 times

    This guy had too much to drink tonight but that’s not about to stop him from jumping into the middle of an epic street fight. Can you help him pummel his opponents, and avoid a trip to the hospital, in this action game?

  • Valentines Day Chainsaw Massacre
    Valentines Day Chainsaw Massacre
    Played 1201 times

    Oh no! Instead of love being in the air there is blood and tragedy! Fight the Teddynator and other bad guys in this action-packed valentines day special.

  • Sniper Assassin 4
    Sniper Assassin 4
    Played 2944 times

    Calling all snipers: you are needed for top-secret missions.

  • Tank War
    Tank War
    Played 14713 times

    Choose your missile and be the first to destroy the opponent's tank!

  • Pixel Gun Apocalypse 4
    Pixel Gun Apocalypse 4
    Played 1697 times

    Things are getting downright apocalyptic in this first person shooter game. Get ready to take on players from around the world while you go after soldiers and some very hungry monsters. Just be sure to pick your weapons carefully before you get to work!

  • Pirateers
    Played 2526 times
  • Battle Gear US War
    Battle Gear US War
    Played 1425 times

    Train your troops and send them into battle in order to take over every territory in the United States!

  • Clash Of Ninja
    Clash Of Ninja
    Played 2164 times

    Clash Of Ninja

  • Driving Force 3
    Driving Force 3
    Played 4033 times

    The New Age Dragon Gang has seized a helicopter and they're terrorizing the city! Take them down before you start another round of thrilling missions in this action-packed racing game.

  • Ghost Sniper
    Ghost Sniper
    Played 8673 times

    Ghost Sniper

  • Final Ninja Zero
    Final Ninja Zero
    Played 1805 times

    Takeshi is about to begin his first mission. Will he make it back alive? That all depends on you...

  • Mutant Fighting Cup 2
    Mutant Fighting Cup 2
    Played 3268 times

    Create the ultimate brawler, unlock new genes and find out if it can defeat the toughest mutants on the planet in this exciting sequel to Mutant Fighting Cup!

  • Anime Legends 2.4
    Anime Legends 2.4
    Played 2887 times

    Over a dozen of your favorite characters from the world of anime are just itching for a fight. Choose one and get ready to rumble in this arcade-style fighting game.

  • 3D Mahjong
    3D Mahjong
    Played 18808 times

    Remove all pairs of tiles from the board.

  • Spinjitzu Smash
    Spinjitzu Smash
    Played 3419 times

    Every nimble ninja knows that numchucks are not enough…

  • Cartoon Strike
    Cartoon Strike
    Played 8573 times

    Patrol ports or see if you can defeat your opponents in deserts in this multiplayer action game. Pick a region and a room before you blast your way through the next battle.

    • Load up and kill
      Load up and kill
      Played 6365 times
    • Aqua Turret
      Aqua Turret
      Played 1888 times

      Destroy entire waves of war boats with your turret. How long can you survive?

    • Crossbow 3D
      Crossbow 3D
      Played 3215 times

      Think you're a good shot? Train your crosshairs and fire at will.

    • Ace Gangster Taxi
      Ace Gangster Taxi
      Played 8603 times
    • King Soldier
      King Soldier
      Played 4308 times

      'Hey soldier! Strap up your bazooka, because the King needs you! Use your awesome shooting skills to destroy all monsters and save the King from chaos!

    • Tanx.io
      Played 2620 times

      Drive one of these heavy tanks and fight other players online on this real time multiplayer tank game!

    • Superfighters
      Played 10814 times

      Punch your way to fame and fortune in this old school brawler. Lots of bad guys are waiting for you.

    • Governor of Poker
      Governor of Poker
      Played 45586 times

      In the Wild West, the cards are the law.

    • Day D: Tower Rush
      Day D: Tower Rush
      Played 25732 times

      This time-travelling professor is going to get eaten by dinosaurs if you don’t help him out and fast!

    • Sydney Shark
      Sydney Shark
      Played 2446 times

      This feisty shark is ready to sink his teeth into the Land Down Under. What should he chomp first?

    • SkyArena.Io
      Played 3746 times

      Prepare yourself for an epic dogfight in the skies over a mighty ocean. Try to shoot down your opponents’ airplanes before they take aim at yours! How long can you last against players from all across the globe in this io game?

    • Awesome Tanks
      Awesome Tanks
      Played 1223 times

      These war machines are totally awesome and they’re ready to roll.