Flying Games

  • Super Fighter´s Rampage
    Super Fighter´s Rampage
    Played 624 times
  • Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
    Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
    Played 621 times

    Join this magical creature on an adventure that’s a blast from the past.

  • Bomber at War II: Level Pack
    Bomber at War II: Level Pack
    Played 7998 times

    This battle isn’t over yet. Let’s get you back to your fighter jet...

  • Rich Cars 3
    Rich Cars 3
    Played 2072 times

    Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.

  • Vex
    Played 1843 times

    You’d better keep your wits about you…it’s a dangerous world out there for a stickman!

  • Age of War 2
    Age of War 2
    Played 10112 times

    Defend your cave from your nasty neighbors! They can get sooooo cranky.

  • The Last Shelter
    The Last Shelter
    Played 2595 times

    Humanity’s greatest hope for survival is a planet filled to the brim with vicious aliens. How typical!

  • Bomb It 5
    Bomb It 5
    Played 23487 times

    Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...

  • King Of Terrors
    King Of Terrors
    Played 3430 times

    Create the ultimate fighting machine in this totally cool robot creation game, King of Terrors! Assemble the parts together and then have it fight against another player in an all out battle!

  • Azgard Tower Defense
    Azgard Tower Defense
    Played 4941 times

    Hordes of horrible creatures descend upon your fantasy land. Magic towers to the defense!

  • Jump'It
    Played 2147 times

    The success or death of free running all depends on the air you can score.

  • Gun Mayhem Redux
    Gun Mayhem Redux
    Played 1030 times

    Get ready for another batch of totally insane battles to death.

  • Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade
    Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade
    Played 2023 times

    The Dragon Master is back! This time with the mysterious and lethal Dragon Blade...

  • Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
    Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
    Played 838 times

    Thou shalt not pass.

  • Gun Mayhem 2
    Gun Mayhem 2
    Played 3927 times

    Who will be the last man standing in this game of fast-paced, gun-slinging action?

  • Effing Worms 1
    Effing Worms 1
    Played 2088 times

    Can a worm get worms? Because this one sure is hungry...

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 22354 times

    To conquer your enemies, you must learn all their strengths to use as your own!

  • Dino Run: Enter Planet D!
    Dino Run: Enter Planet D!
    Played 682 times

    The race against extinction continues with pixelated graphical greatness in a new setting!

  • Conquer Antartica
    Conquer Antartica
    Played 2879 times

    Eliminate all of the enemy penguins on each level in order to advance with your campaign.

  • The Strangers
    The Strangers
    Played 3904 times

    Follow the directions carefully, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger.

  • Bowmaster Prelude
    Bowmaster Prelude
    Played 3482 times

    Shoot arrows toward the enemy troops and capture the enemy flag to be victorious!

  • Gun Mayhem
    Gun Mayhem
    Played 4378 times

    In a world of gunslingers, there are only two sorts of people: the quick and the dead.

  • Final Ninja Zero
    Final Ninja Zero
    Played 999 times

    Takeshi is about to begin his first mission. Will he make it back alive? That all depends on you...

  • Strike Force Kitty
    Strike Force Kitty
    Played 2355 times

    The strike force kitties are back on business this time they are ready to face the ultimate battle against the raccoon realm! Your ultimate goal is to win the battle, exterminate the enemies and of course have a lot of fun!

  • Volcano Flight Control
    Volcano Flight Control
    Played 1915 times

    Eyjafjallajokul is at it again, but no one's grounding your plane!

  • Cat vs Dog
    Cat vs Dog
    Played 23527 times

    Select 1 of the 4 special items and throw bones over the fence to hit the cat!

  • Bow Master Japan
    Bow Master Japan
    Played 2649 times

    Clear your mind: stillness and concentration are the keys to mastering the art of this weapon.

  • Battalion Commander
    Battalion Commander
    Played 1596 times

    Commander, the enemy is on the move. Gather your troops and gear: it's time to strike!

  • Rail Of War
    Rail Of War
    Played 4533 times

    Shoot down the enemies and protect your train at all costs.

  • Epic Combo Redux
    Epic Combo Redux
    Played 3181 times

    You want even epic-er combos? Revisit the classic Epic Combo now even more epic!

  • Storm Ops 3
    Storm Ops 3
    Played 4500 times

    Hold your position, keep your nerve, and defend the castle at all costs.

  • Champions of Chaos II
    Champions of Chaos II
    Played 873 times

    Battle skills are great but you’ll need every ally you can find if you want to defeat the Dark Emperor.

  • Blym
    Played 1955 times

    Blym just discovered an awesome teleporter. Why not tag along with him while he explores the universe?

  • Deus Racer: Highway Combat
    Deus Racer: Highway Combat
    Played 3621 times

    Your life's on the line and the government's after you, so hit the road and flee to safety!

  • Feudalism
    Played 8380 times

    Buy and sell weapons and armor, recruit and disband your troops, and win the battle!

  • Assemble Robot War Helicopter
    Assemble Robot War Helicopter
    Played 943 times

    The first step in building an awesome robotic helicopter? Taking all of the parts out of the box, of course! Put your assembly skills to the test before you head into battle in this action game.

    • King Soldier
      King Soldier
      Played 11606 times

      'Hey soldier! Strap up your bazooka, because the King needs you! Use your awesome shooting skills to destroy all monsters and save the King from chaos!

    • Rabbit Zombie Defense
      Rabbit Zombie Defense
      Played 923 times

      Zombie bunnies are on the move! Fortunately, they hate fresh fruits and veggies. Let’s blast them with some!

    • Nightmares The Adventures 4
      Nightmares The Adventures 4
      Played 2509 times

      Help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that his nights become restful again.

    • Awesome Tanks 2
      Awesome Tanks 2
      Played 1785 times

      Who knew driving a tank could be such fun? But be careful the bad guys don’t blast you!

    • Driving Force 3
      Driving Force 3
      Played 3646 times

      The New Age Dragon Gang has seized a helicopter and they're terrorizing the city! Take them down before you start another round of thrilling missions in this action-packed racing game.

    • Crazy Penguin Catapult
      Crazy Penguin Catapult
      Played 5501 times

      Launch a high-flying, penguin-rescue mission.

    • Mini Racer
      Mini Racer
      Played 5717 times

      Get in that cool Mini sports car and drive for your life! Avoid the crashes at all cost if you want to survive. Can you steer clear of danger and win a race?

    • Hero Clicker
      Hero Clicker
      Played 2155 times

      You’ll have to be brave in order to journey into the unknown lands that are filled with evil monsters lurking about. Get ready for an adventure in Brave Squad!

    • Vex 2
      Vex 2
      Played 3440 times

      Vex is back to take on another maze filled with deadly challenges.

    • Bubbleween
      Played 4248 times

      Scare up some points in this tricky Halloween bubble shooter that you're sure to find a treat!

    • Shark Attack
      Shark Attack
      Played 2388 times

      This shark is on an endless feeding frenzy. Help him avoid the nets and pirate ships while he eats lots of tasty turtles and scrumptious scuba divers in this action game.

    • Battle Mechs
      Battle Mechs
      Played 3275 times

      Win battles, upgrade your bot, and become unstoppable!