Flying Games

  • Robot Violent T-Rex
    Robot Violent T-Rex
    Played 2056 times

    Ever wanted your very own giant robot T-Rex? Now you can with this new creation free to play game on your browser, Robot Violent T-Rex!

  • Caribbean Admiral 2
    Caribbean Admiral 2
    Played 4252 times

    Return to the high seas for another series of epic battles in this turn-based action game. Take command of your fleet and see how quickly you can make your enemies jump into their life boats. You’ll need to pick your targets carefully and use your ammunition wisely if you want to safely return to your port of call.

  • Agario 3D
    Agario 3D
    Played 8350 times

    Do you like Agario and 3D multiplayer games? If you answered yes you will love Biome 3D, otherwise known as Agario 3D. Have fun!

  • Run
    Played 10710 times

    Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!

  • Rogue Soul 2
    Rogue Soul 2
    Played 6978 times

    Prepare to run, jump, slide, dodge and fight your way through each level in this fast-paced adventure. Are you fast enough to beat the entire game?

  • Swords and Sandals Ultra
    Swords and Sandals Ultra
    Played 3021 times

    Create your gladiator and fight your way to the top!

  • Pixel Gun Apocalypse
    Pixel Gun Apocalypse
    Played 1906 times

    Will you fight for the good guys or on the side of the bad guys? Why not try out both in this 3D multiplayer action game that’s totally retro?

  • King Of Terrors
    King Of Terrors
    Played 1744 times

    Create the ultimate fighting machine in this totally cool robot creation game, King of Terrors! Assemble the parts together and then have it fight against another player in an all out battle!

  • Extreme Pamplona
    Extreme Pamplona
    Played 19972 times

    An angry bull is about to chase you through the arena. Will you make it out of there without getting gored?

  • Heliwars
    Played 5961 times

    Seek and destroy...

  • Sniper Assassin 5: Final
    Sniper Assassin 5: Final
    Played 4486 times

    Ben is dead. It’s time to finish this madness, once and for all.

  • Robot Fire Dragon
    Robot Fire Dragon
    Played 3112 times

    Build your very own Robot Fire Dragon in this totally cool toy builder game on the browser. Piece together all the parts for this incredibly huge and awesome toy that you can show off!

  • Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals!
    Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals!
    Played 13311 times

    Mama has had it up to here with all of your lousy cooking! She’s tired of you ruining all of her delicious recipes and she just wants to get her next class over with. You’d better be ready to deal with her pent up rage while she tells you how to cook these totally adorable and very tasty animals. Things are definitely going to get messy in this bloody parody of the popular cooking game series.

  • Bomber at War 3
    Bomber at War 3
    Played 9039 times
  • Destroy More Cars
    Destroy More Cars
    Played 3016 times

    Have a need for speed?

    Played 6894 times

    Take control of one of these cute creatures before you dive into battle. They’re fighting each other to the death in this wild io game. How long will you last?

  • Awesome Tanks 2
    Awesome Tanks 2
    Played 2361 times

    Who knew driving a tank could be such fun? But be careful the bad guys don’t blast you!

  • Dark Lands
    Dark Lands
    Played 7658 times

    Guide the brave Knight through this fast paced runner game and help him defeat evil. Run, jump and slide over whirling blades and slash through hideous monsters who have invaded your land!

  • Max Adrenalin
    Max Adrenalin
    Played 16598 times

    Ringing that bell totally cramps your style, but it’s better than crashing…

  • Fire Helicopter
    Fire Helicopter
    Played 3139 times

    Take control of this cool copter and find out if you’ve got what it takes to become the ultimate firefighter. Collect tanks of water and eliminate all of the raging fires in this free online game.

  • Destroy All Cars
    Destroy All Cars
    Played 2769 times

    Unleash the physics of arena destruction.

  • Stickman Army: The Defenders
    Stickman Army: The Defenders
    Played 10088 times

    It’s the green army versus the red army in this epic fight to the finish. Defend the White House at all costs and use your resources and soldiers wisely in this strategic action game.

  • The Stuntman
    The Stuntman
    Played 4253 times

    Hit this guy as hard as you can!

  • Dino Run: Enter Planet D!
    Dino Run: Enter Planet D!
    Played 1415 times

    The race against extinction continues with pixelated graphical greatness in a new setting!

  • Earn To Die
    Earn To Die
    Played 7513 times

    When zombies roam the countryside, speed is the only solution...

  • Los Angeles Shark
    Los Angeles Shark
    Played 1253 times

    This shark is very hungry and he’s ready to take a huge bite out of LA. Let the feeding frenzy begin!

  • Zazuki
    Played 9849 times

    Zazuki is a simple sword slasher 2 player fighting game. Slice your opponent to pieces before he splits you in half!

  • Wrestle Jump
    Wrestle Jump
    Played 17206 times

    These wacky wrestlers have had a little too much fun in the sun.

  • Mega Mechs Assembling
    Mega Mechs Assembling
    Played 3367 times

    Welcome to the year 2075. Aliens have ransacked the planet and only you and your super awesome battle bots can end their reign of terror. Get to the lab and build your next mech in this action game.

  • Pixel Gun Apocalypse 5
    Pixel Gun Apocalypse 5
    Played 2469 times

    Leap into another round of battles in this 3D action game. You can fight players from around the world while you search for weapons and avoid their attacks. There’s tons of cool battle arenas that you can choose from as well.

  • Endless War 4
    Endless War 4
    Played 5449 times

    Not even the bitter cold of a harsh winter can stop this endless war...

  • Atomic Supercars
    Atomic Supercars
    Played 5070 times

    Climb into your slick supercar—every atom aches to win the race!

  • The Strangers
    The Strangers
    Played 3581 times

    Follow the directions carefully, take a deep breath and squeeze the trigger.

  • Assemble Robot War Helicopter
    Assemble Robot War Helicopter
    Played 2146 times

    The first step in building an awesome robotic helicopter? Taking all of the parts out of the box, of course! Put your assembly skills to the test before you head into battle in this action game.

  • Earn to Die 2012
    Earn to Die 2012
    Played 5466 times

    The best way to kill zombies is to smash into them with a 4x4…

  • Bomber at War II: Level Pack
    Bomber at War II: Level Pack
    Played 7328 times

    This battle isn’t over yet. Let’s get you back to your fighter jet...

    • Counter Striker
      Counter Striker
      Played 778 times

      Shoot as many terrorists as you can

    • King Of Fighters Wing 1.8
      King Of Fighters Wing 1.8
      Played 4938 times

      Have you got what it takes to rise to the top of this epic battle tournament? Select your favorite fighter and get ready to rumble in this old-school action game.

    • Bad Ice Cream
      Bad Ice Cream
      Played 6591 times

      This ice cream is bad to the cone! Help it to gobble and collect tasty fruits and treats, break blocks of ice and face hungry enemies as you avoid being flattened!

    • Shift Heads World: Act 2
      Shift Heads World: Act 2
      Played 2474 times

      The awesome assassin crew is at it again when the adventure in killing continues...

    • Tanki Online
      Tanki Online
      Played 24934 times

      You're both driver and gunman in this 3D tank game with realistic graphics. Take out the seriously badass army of tanks trying to take you down while you traverse some rough terrain, upgrading your monster machine as you go.

    • Quake
      Played 1858 times

      Horrors await in the desolate maze of this FPS...but that's what the gun is for.

    • Summer Sports: Boxing
      Summer Sports: Boxing
      Played 22897 times

      Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Grab your gloves and go for gold in this epic boxing simulation! Combine in a PvP tournament with other Qlympics games to become the ultimate champion!

    • Stick War
      Stick War
      Played 25985 times

      To conquer your enemies, you must learn all their strengths to use as your own!

    • Dogfight
      Played 4884 times

      Out-maneuver and out-shoot the enemy in an aerial fight!

    • Destroy the Village
      Destroy the Village
      Played 3504 times

      It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets.

    • The Last Village
      The Last Village
      Played 4888 times

      Your peace-loving tribe has had enough misery from these palefaces. Now you'll fight to the death if you must.

    • Speedboat Shooting
      Speedboat Shooting
      Played 3221 times

      This speedboat is under attack and only you can defend it from a ruthless gang. Fight back with your machine gun and lots of other cool weapons like mines and grenades in this shooting game.