Fighting Games

  • Royal Heroes
    Royal Heroes
    Played 2472 times

    Fight for honor and your kingdom in this awesome free to play strategy game, Royal Heroes. Recruit famous heroes to battle against the forces of evil and march towards victory!

  • Hobo 5: Space Brawl
    Hobo 5: Space Brawl
    Played 695 times

    Our friend the homeless hobo is stuck on space ship full of very weird Aliens... help him brawl his way out of there and return him to the streets where he can be save, happy and homeless again!

  • Mutant Fighting Cup 2
    Mutant Fighting Cup 2
    Played 2398 times

    Create the ultimate brawler, unlock new genes and find out if it can defeat the toughest mutants on the planet in this exciting sequel to Mutant Fighting Cup!

  • Naruto GG 0.8
    Naruto GG 0.8
    Played 1280 times

    Harness the amazing manga powers of Naruto to fight through this side-scroller.

  • Champions of Chaos
    Champions of Chaos
    Played 2517 times

    Rebels aren't always the bad guys—lead a revolt against the dark emperor!

  • King of Fighters
    King of Fighters
    Played 4390 times

    Use your special moves to fight against your opponent!

  • Immense Army
    Immense Army
    Played 798 times

    Think you can assemble the world’s greatest army? Well, then prove it...

  • Run Ninja Run 3
    Run Ninja Run 3
    Played 2877 times

    Use all those ninja skills you learned from your training in this brand new runner game, Run Ninja Run 3. Jump over obstacles and collect treasure as you avoid getting caught by the enemy!

  • Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9
    Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9
    Played 2121 times

    The ultimate dragon ball fight is here and is on my friend! Join Goku and his friends on the latest and most exciting fight of their lives on the new installment of Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9!

  • Naruto NG
    Naruto NG
    Played 2819 times

    Naruto is most powerful when angry, and he’s about to get very angry indeed…

  • Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade
    Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade
    Played 5692 times

    The Dragon Master is back! This time with the mysterious and lethal Dragon Blade...

  • Naval Fighter
    Naval Fighter
    Played 2976 times

    Destroy as many enemy units as possible to go to the next level.

  • Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
    Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
    Played 3409 times

    Your favorite anime heroes are about to duke it out. Choose a character and get ready to rumble!

  • Street Fighter Creation 3
    Street Fighter Creation 3
    Played 4145 times

    Fight against all characters from Street Fighter. Beat every opponent using combos and kicks!

  • Ninja Quest
    Ninja Quest
    Played 743 times

    Fight the evil ninja clan that captured your girlfriend using 12 samurai weapons.

  • Anime Fighting Jam Wing
    Anime Fighting Jam Wing
    Played 2441 times
  • King of Fighters Death Match
    King of Fighters Death Match
    Played 2566 times

    Work your special fighting skills to knock out your opponent!

  • Paw Paw Miaw
    Paw Paw Miaw
    Played 900 times

    Fight against other mean cats in this ultimate catfight game!

  • Ether of Magic Cards
    Ether of Magic Cards
    Played 1544 times

    The Head Wizard has betrayed the Guild, creating a magic army. Now you must fight magic fire with magic fire.

  • Mobs Inc
    Mobs Inc
    Played 791 times

    These mobsters make monsters look cuddly and cute! Defend yourself against them but don't wait too long, just get back to ordered from the boss!

  • Street Avenger
    Street Avenger
    Played 2430 times

    Kick and claw your way to vengeance!

  • Dressed to Kill
    Dressed to Kill
    Played 731 times

    Brave knights doing battle in heavy plated armor? ‘Tis a glorious sight…and a noisy one!

  • Arms of Revenge
    Arms of Revenge
    Played 1228 times

    Prepare yourself for a cyber-powered beatdown...

  • Muay Thai 2
    Muay Thai 2
    Played 2337 times

    When you're a Muay Thai champ, every place you go is a fight waiting to happen.

  • Medieval Warriors
    Medieval Warriors
    Played 1472 times

    What do you do when some punk disrespects your warrior status? You go medieval on him.

  • Mazinger z vs robot hedgehog
    Mazinger z vs robot hedgehog
    Played 2387 times
  • Warrior Quest
    Warrior Quest
    Played 1859 times

    When you want to be a warrior, it's always practice, practice, practice kicking butt in the arena.

  • One Piece: Hot Fight
    One Piece: Hot Fight
    Played 2236 times

    Take to the seas with your favorite characters in this new fighting game of the One Piece series. Hot Fight is unlike any other One Piece game: more characters, combos and stages to explore. Unlock each character’s hidden potential and become the best fighter in the ring. Can you handle the heat?

  • Forbidden Arms
    Forbidden Arms
    Played 535 times

    A mysterious warrior. A forbidden sword. An epic quest. Prepare yourself for battle...

  • Kung-Fu Grandpa
    Kung-Fu Grandpa
    Played 1839 times

    These thugs just messed with the wrong grandpa. Wanna help him lay the smack down?

  • Swords Saga
    Swords Saga
    Played 1266 times

    Use your sword to kill your enemies and survive as long as you can!

  • Smokin Barrels
    Smokin Barrels
    Played 851 times

    Enter the wild west! Can you handle the western life?

  • Tribes
    Played 1187 times

    Who do these military boys think they are? Go tribal on their booties.

  • Dragon Ball Goku Fighting
    Dragon Ball Goku Fighting
    Played 1011 times
  • Deadly Neighbors 2
    Deadly Neighbors 2
    Played 2253 times

    This neighbors are deadly! Get your weapons and dress up on your fighting gear to blast your opponents on this fun turn based adventure action game!

    • Bosozoku Fighters
      Bosozoku Fighters
      Played 650 times

      Save the Chinese ambassador's daughter from the kidnappers!

    • Thug Jacker Half
      Thug Jacker Half
      Played 720 times

      Can a bad guy be a hero? Fight back against the guys who jacked your bike!

    • Double Edged
      Double Edged
      Played 1061 times

      Grab a sword and head to Ancient Greece for an epic smackdown in this beat 'em up.

    • Kanpani Girls
      Kanpani Girls
      Played 1057 times

      Get ready to play one of the best Japanese role-playing games on the internet! Kanpani Girls is filled with magic, weapons, and a lot of beautiful ladies! Are you sure you can survival the heat of battle?

    • Brave Heart
      Brave Heart
      Played 1906 times

      Take hold of your destiny in this dark fantasy role-playing game, Brave Heart. Fight against the hordes of darkness and upgrade your skills to become even more powerful than ever before!

    • Save our City
      Save our City
      Played 665 times

      Match these fights to kick the Legion back to the Low Tides!

    • Bleach Vs Naruto 2.4
      Bleach Vs Naruto 2.4
      Played 3405 times

      Bleach vs Naruto is back in version 2.3 adding 2 new characters and a new summon character. For Naruto side, the megalomaniac Deidara, specialist in explosions and member of the Akatsuki. For Bleach, the bald Ikkaku Madarame, 3rd Seat of the Eleventh Division in the Gotei 13. Finally, Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach), the girl with pink hair lieutenant of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, was added as a summon character. Definitely one of the best fighting game about these two cult animes.

    • Pirate Hunter 2
      Pirate Hunter 2
      Played 2383 times

      Hunt down these nasty pirates in this brand new beat 'em up action game, Pirate Hunter 2. Sail the seven seas with your crew to stop the evil pirates in their tracks!

    • Punch My Face
      Punch My Face
      Played 2183 times

      Getting tired of looking at people you don’t like? Don’t you just want to punch their face? Now you can in this addictive and fun game, Punch My Face!

    • The 12 Fighters 2
      The 12 Fighters 2
      Played 861 times

      Beat all 12 fighters to win awards!

    • Kungfu Fighter
      Kungfu Fighter
      Played 4947 times

      Use kung-fu moves to fight your enemy and go to the next round!

    • Crazy Zombie 2.0
      Crazy Zombie 2.0
      Played 594 times

      Unsheath your holy katana on the undead in this radical zombie game! Guide Shimo through the torn down ruins of your once great city, now crawling with ghouls and other nightmares. Have no fear, for the light from your blade will cut down any who are in your path.