Fighting Games

  • Super Fighter´s Rampage
    Super Fighter´s Rampage
    Played 1432 times
  • Call of Sword
    Call of Sword
    Played 478 times

    The battle for the fate of planet Earth begins now. Only you can save humanity from extinction.

  • Bleach vs Naruto 2.3
    Bleach vs Naruto 2.3
    Played 2036 times
  • Robot Duel Fight
    Robot Duel Fight
    Played 8474 times
  • Dragon Fight 1,7
    Dragon Fight 1,7
    Played 508 times
  • Specter Knight
    Specter Knight
    Played 308 times

    Rise again, brave knight! Your kingdom needs you once more. Can you defeat Maji, the evil sorcerer?

  • Sushi Showdown
    Sushi Showdown
    Played 1217 times
  • Mazinger z vs robot hedgehog
    Mazinger z vs robot hedgehog
    Played 3168 times
  • Immense Army
    Immense Army
    Played 1042 times

    Think you can assemble the world’s greatest army? Well, then prove it...

  • Crazy Zombie 5.0
    Crazy Zombie 5.0
    Played 8890 times
  • Naruto shippuden
    Naruto shippuden
    Played 2960 times
  • Siegius Arena
    Siegius Arena
    Played 1656 times

    Fight for your honor...and for the pretty armor.

  • Leave me alone
    Leave me alone
    Played 3713 times
  • Anime Fighting Jam Wing
    Anime Fighting Jam Wing
    Played 2674 times
  • Naruto GG 0.8
    Naruto GG 0.8
    Played 1676 times

    Harness the amazing manga powers of Naruto to fight through this side-scroller.

  • Naruto Blast Battle
    Naruto Blast Battle
    Played 2246 times

    Destroy the barrels to gain access to your opponent and send them up in a ball of colored flame!

  • Atomic Gringo
    Atomic Gringo
    Played 61 times
  • Zombies Eat My Stocking
    Zombies Eat My Stocking
    Played 477 times
  • Monster Frontier
    Monster Frontier
    Played 1930 times
  • Anime Legends
    Anime Legends
    Played 6557 times

    Select your favorite anime character and get ready to rumble!

  • Tripod Attack
    Tripod Attack
    Played 88 times

    Terrifying aliens are rampaging their way across the city and only you can stop them.

  • Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
    Comic Stars Fighting 3.5
    Played 4102 times

    Your favorite anime heroes are about to duke it out. Choose a character and get ready to rumble!

  • Mighty Knight
    Mighty Knight
    Played 7625 times

    Only the toughest of knights can save the day. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Death Valley
    Death Valley
    Played 67 times

    Nasty monsters are on the move but they’re no match for you and this brave knight.

  • Zombie Fight Club
    Zombie Fight Club
    Played 2051 times

    Looks like the zombies have started a fight club. Pick out an undead fighter and start throwing some punches.

  • Mutant Fighting Cup
    Mutant Fighting Cup
    Played 944 times

    Create the ultimate brawler and find out if it can defeat the toughest mutants on the planet.

  • Forbidden Arms
    Forbidden Arms
    Played 653 times

    A mysterious warrior. A forbidden sword. An epic quest. Prepare yourself for battle...

  • Crazy Flasher 3: The King of Death Match
    Crazy Flasher 3: The King of Death Match
    Played 1596 times

    A few of the world’s toughest mercenaries are heading into the arena. Which of them will make it back out?

  • Dragon Ball Fighting 2.7
    Dragon Ball Fighting 2.7
    Played 4226 times

    Put up your dukes. Goku and the gang are getting ready for a major rumble.

  • Battle Action
    Battle Action
    Played 190 times

    Get ready to put up your dukes. This old school brawl is about to begin.

  • Dreaming Knights
    Dreaming Knights
    Played 31 times

    Smash hordes of monsters, dodge endless waves of bullets, collect gold and upgrade your gear on your quest to defeat the three evil bosses (bullies) and save the princess (hot teacher).

  • Biometal
    Played 478 times

    Turning this guy into a super soldier might not have been the smartest move...

  • Double Edged
    Double Edged
    Played 1612 times

    Grab a sword and head to Ancient Greece for an epic smackdown in this beat 'em up.

  • Brave Ferret: Forest Clean Up
    Brave Ferret: Forest Clean Up
    Played 102 times

    Fred the ferret thought his adventuring days were over but they've just begun!

  • Chaos Faction 2
    Chaos Faction 2
    Played 2754 times

    Everybody was kung fu fighting…and shooting machine guns…and tossing dynamite...and...

    • Kung Fu Rabbit
      Kung Fu Rabbit
      Played 75 times

      A hoard of nasty ninjas and spiteful samurais await these bunnies. Time for them to kick some tail!

    • Hover Havoc
      Hover Havoc
      Played 42 times

      Get ready to make some waves! How quickly can you destroy the blue boat?

    • Rogue Soul 2
      Rogue Soul 2
      Played 4536 times

      Prepare to run, jump, slide, dodge and fight your way through each level in this fast-paced adventure. Are you fast enough to beat the entire game?

    • Regular Show: Battle of the Behemoths
      Regular Show: Battle of the Behemoths
      Played 6297 times

      Join the epic battle between the super giants!

    • Elventales: The Arcanery
      Elventales: The Arcanery
      Played 691 times

      A great kingdom shall rise from a great army, and a great army emerged from the power of the chosen people.

    • Kung-Fu Grandpa
      Kung-Fu Grandpa
      Played 2228 times

      These thugs just messed with the wrong grandpa. Wanna help him lay the smack down?

    • Wolverine & the X-Men: Search & Destroy
      Wolverine & the X-Men: Search & Destroy
      Played 6172 times

      Magneto’s up to no good again. Help Wolverine and the X-Men teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

    • Ronin Strike
      Ronin Strike
      Played 3386 times

      Honor. Strength. Speed. These are the skills a ronin needs to survive.

    • Champions of Chaos II
      Champions of Chaos II
      Played 1337 times

      Battle skills are great but you’ll need every ally you can find if you want to defeat the Dark Emperor.

    • Robots Can't Jump
      Robots Can't Jump
      Played 4926 times

      It’s true. Robots aren’t very bouncy. But they are ferocious. Make ‘em explode and fast!

    • 300: Seize Your Glory
      300: Seize Your Glory
      Played 15132 times

      Unite all of Greece against Persia's mighty navy. It's time for the rise of an empire. Seize your glory.

    • Super Smash Flash 2
      Super Smash Flash 2
      Played 39610 times

      Prepare for some epic battles! With 28 classic characters to choose from, the possibilities are endless!