Anime and Manga Games

  • Bleach vs. Naruto
    Bleach vs. Naruto
    Played 6102 times

    Unleash your super-combos to prevail in the ultimate one-on-one death match.

  • Street Fighter 2
    Street Fighter 2
    Played 87379 times

    Fight against several enemies in this cool game, street fighter 2!

  • One Piece Hot Fight 0.7
    One Piece Hot Fight 0.7
    Played 5255 times

    Get ready for the ultimate One Piece action fighting game with more characters to choose from than any other One Piece game!

  • Dragon Ball Z Goku Jump
    Dragon Ball Z Goku Jump
    Played 1028 times

    How high can Goku leap and how many coins will he collect? That all depends on you.

  • Crazy Zombie Eschatology Hero
    Crazy Zombie Eschatology Hero
    Played 2876 times

    Humanity isn’t going to save itself. Pick a hero and start clobbering some ghouls.

  • Flappy Goku
    Flappy Goku
    Played 542 times
  • Anime Fighting Jam Wing
    Anime Fighting Jam Wing
    Played 1965 times
  • Naruto NG
    Naruto NG
    Played 2584 times

    Naruto is most powerful when angry, and he’s about to get very angry indeed…

  • Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9
    Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9
    Played 1457 times

    The ultimate dragon ball fight is here and is on my friend! Join Goku and his friends on the latest and most exciting fight of their lives on the new installment of Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9!

  • Dragon Ball Goku Fighting
    Dragon Ball Goku Fighting
    Played 959 times
  • Dragon Ball Kart
    Dragon Ball Kart
    Played 1815 times

    Join Goku and the Dragon Ball gang for a romp around the race track.

  • Dragon Ball RPG
    Dragon Ball RPG
    Played 12145 times

    Goku has a gadget that lets him travel to other dimensions. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.4
    Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.4
    Played 3647 times

    It's all about finding the Dragon Balls before your enemy—defeat them in an explosive one-on-one battle!

  • One Piece: Hot Fight
    One Piece: Hot Fight
    Played 1730 times

    Take to the seas with your favorite characters in this new fighting game of the One Piece series. Hot Fight is unlike any other One Piece game: more characters, combos and stages to explore. Unlock each character’s hidden potential and become the best fighter in the ring. Can you handle the heat?

  • Street Fighter Creation 3
    Street Fighter Creation 3
    Played 3929 times

    Fight against all characters from Street Fighter. Beat every opponent using combos and kicks!

  • Sailor Moon Love
    Sailor Moon Love
    Played 1001 times

    Even superheroes like to dress up: can you help Usagi find the best outfit for universal love?

  • The King of Fighters vs DNF
    The King of Fighters vs DNF
    Played 1514 times

    Who is truly the King of Fighters? Get into the brawler of a life time as you fight your way to becoming the King of Fighters! Fight to victory!

  • Bleach Vs Naruto 2.4
    Bleach Vs Naruto 2.4
    Played 2297 times

    Bleach vs Naruto is back in version 2.3 adding 2 new characters and a new summon character. For Naruto side, the megalomaniac Deidara, specialist in explosions and member of the Akatsuki. For Bleach, the bald Ikkaku Madarame, 3rd Seat of the Eleventh Division in the Gotei 13. Finally, Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach), the girl with pink hair lieutenant of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, was added as a summon character. Definitely one of the best fighting game about these two cult animes.

  • Bosozoku Fighters
    Bosozoku Fighters
    Played 559 times

    Save the Chinese ambassador's daughter from the kidnappers!

  • Anime Costume Party
    Anime Costume Party
    Played 378 times

    Give this anime girl a fun outfit.

  • Anime Dress Up 2
    Anime Dress Up 2
    Played 445 times

    Pick the cutest style for this anime girl!

  • Anime Dress Up 3
    Anime Dress Up 3
    Played 146 times

    Find a cute to suit this anime girl.

  • Aquarius Zodiac Dress Up
    Aquarius Zodiac Dress Up
    Played 382 times

    Find a fluid ensemble for this water bearer.

  • Color Gokudera
    Color Gokudera
    Played 68 times

    Why so sad? Bring some cheer to Morgan's look by adding color!

  • Anime Bride Dress Up
    Anime Bride Dress Up
    Played 68 times

    Help turn Clara into a beautiful bride.

  • Anime Make Up
    Anime Make Up
    Played 149 times

    Make this anime girl glow in gem colors.

  • Anime Jigsaw Puzzle
    Anime Jigsaw Puzzle
    Played 145 times

    Can you piece together these anime images?

  • Anime Costume Dress Up
    Anime Costume Dress Up
    Played 412 times

    Miko wants the cutest look for this weekend's cosplay party!

  • Flower Cutie Dress Up
    Flower Cutie Dress Up
    Played 203 times

    Give this anime girl an outfit that's as cute as she is!

  • Rock On
    Rock On
    Played 370 times

    Get ready to rock out with this trio of musical mademoiselles.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Timber
    Dragon Ball Z: Timber
    Played 493 times

    How much wood could Goku chuck if Goku decided to chuck wood? Let’s find out...

  • Naruto's Rampage
    Naruto's Rampage
    Played 330 times

    Somehow Naruto, the young ninja from the popular anime TV show and manga series named after him, has been cloned. Now his duplicates are tearing their way across the countryside. Join this fearless samurai as he eliminates each one of them. Unfortunately, he only has ten minutes to take out this first gang of Narutos. Help him complete his quest in this exciting ninja game.

  • Crazy Zombie 2.0
    Crazy Zombie 2.0
    Played 303 times

    Unsheath your holy katana on the undead in this radical zombie game! Guide Shimo through the torn down ruins of your once great city, now crawling with ghouls and other nightmares. Have no fear, for the light from your blade will cut down any who are in your path.

  • Naruto City Rooftop
    Naruto City Rooftop
    Played 381 times

    It’s time to use your ninja skills in this exciting action game, Naruto City Rooftop! You’re Naruto and it’s up to you to defend your city from the enemy.

  • DNF 2.9
    DNF 2.9
    Played 226 times

    DNF 2.9 is a different kind of fighting game. Instead of punching and kicking, you will use a variety of weapons to take down your foes. Show no mercy!

  • Crazy Zombie 9.0
    Crazy Zombie 9.0
    Played 131 times

    Your favorite heroes from the worlds of anime and video games are about to take on an army of the undead! Join them for an epic fight to the finish in this old-school brawler.