• Bubble Machine: 2 Player Game
    Bubble Machine: 2 Player Game
    Played 166913 times

    Use your mouse to play this game.

  • Fireboy & Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple
    Fireboy & Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple
    Played 73752 times

    Don't let a frozen wasteland get in the way of Fireboy and Watergirl!

  • TextTwist 2: Mind Game
    TextTwist 2: Mind Game
    Played 222436 times

    Rearrange the letters to make words. You must find a word that uses every letter to complete the level!

  • Electricman 2: Stickman Fighting Game
    Electricman 2: Stickman Fighting Game
    Played 152076 times

    Take part in the Voltagen Tournament and beat the current champion.

  • Slither.io
    Played 159403 times

    A new version of the super popular game Agar.io is available now! This time with very colorful slithers! Grow as big as you can and block the way of other slithers to kill them.

  • Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Zombies
    Played 156622 times

    Get ready to soil your plants: the zombies are coming, and only flower power can stop them!

  • Theme Hotel
    Theme Hotel
    Played 91756 times

    Build the perfect hotel for your guests from the ground up.

  • Snail Bob 8
    Snail Bob 8
    Played 143176 times

    Bob’s back—and this time he’s stranded on an island! Watch out for cannibals…

  • Bomb It
    Bomb It
    Played 129950 times

    Blow up your opponents by placing bombs. A Bomberman game with random levels!

  • Miragine War
    Miragine War
    Played 120954 times

    Outsmart your opponent and lay waste to their legions!

  • Uphill Rush 6
    Uphill Rush 6
    Played 113566 times

    Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!

  • Goodgame Poker
    Goodgame Poker
    Played 129618 times

    Come bluff with the best.

  • Crystical: 2 Player Puzzle Game
    Crystical: 2 Player Puzzle Game
    Played 146768 times

    Get crazy with the crystal-switching competition!

  • Penguin Diner: Food Restaurant Game
    Penguin Diner: Food Restaurant Game
    Played 96957 times

    Seat your customers, take their orders, serve the food and collect money.

  • Governor of Poker
    Governor of Poker
    Played 79029 times

    In the Wild West, the cards are the law.

  • Jim Loves Mary 2
    Jim Loves Mary 2
    Played 140229 times

    Jim and Mary are on the run and they need your help to make it through this forest.

  • Bomb It 6
    Bomb It 6
    Played 87620 times

    Ready your bombs, and may the best bot win...

  • Escaping the Prison: Stickman Escapist Game
    Escaping the Prison: Stickman Escapist Game
    Played 92093 times

    A cake just arrived in your cell. Could it contain some stuff that'll help you make a break for it?

  • Bartender
    Played 108930 times

    Pour, shake, and serve your own mouth-watering cocktail!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
    Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
    Played 119847 times

    A new wave of evil has begun. Are you brave enough to explore the dangerous passageways underneath this pizza parlor and take on its rambunctious robotic residents? If so, step inside the elevator and get ready for another round of terror in this funny and freaky online game.

  • Bomb It 2
    Bomb It 2
    Played 96874 times

    Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It!

  • Bubble Shooter
    Bubble Shooter
    Played 90630 times

    Bubble Shooter will have you addicted from the very first bubbles you shoot down. This is a timeless game that still remains challenging. Though seemingly simple enough for children, this engaging game has remained at heart for players of all ages. The goal is to remove all the bubbles from the screen by carefully aiming your own bubble to hit and knock down a group of three or more same colored bubbles. Adjust your winning strategies in each game! The more bubbles you remove in one shot, the more points you score, and the closer you get to becoming the master bubble shooter!

  • Goodgame Empire
    Goodgame Empire
    Played 149813 times

    Crush your enemies and conquer the world—one castle at a time!

  • TenTrix
    Played 220038 times

    How far can you go before you run out of space in this brand new puzzle game? Find out now in TenTrix!

  • Fireboy & Watergirl 2: The Light Temple
    Fireboy & Watergirl 2: The Light Temple
    Played 69726 times

    Who thought fire and water could be the best of friends?!

  • Short Life
    Short Life
    Played 29771 times

    This brave dude is trying to make his way through a series of dangerous obstacle courses in this intense action game. Each one is more deadly than the last so he’ll definitely need your help. Tag along with him while he jumps over saw blades, avoids exploding barrels, and tries not to step on any super sharp spikes!

  • Stickman Archer 2
    Stickman Archer 2
    Played 143109 times

    It’s time for another duel to the death. Several, in fact! How long can you prevent your stickman from meeting his maker in this intense action game?

  • Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner
    Played 138200 times

    The Fidget Spinner is the latest hype around the world. Everyone wants to buy a Fidget Spinner, and in no time all stores are selling many different kind of spinner toys. Games are no different! In this spinner game you will need to spin to win! You can play this online spinner game with many types of different colored Fidget Spinners, just like the one you are holding in your hand right now. You can also modify your spinner and add some cool features before you give it a few spins. Try to earn a high score in this crazy-addictive fidget spinner game! Spin the toy as many times as you can, earn coins and buy upgrades! How many times can you make it go around and around in this silly action game?

  • Total Front: Army War Game
    Total Front: Army War Game
    Played 70045 times

    The world is at war in this real time military action game. Which side will you fight for in a series of epic battles? Lead your troops to the front!

  • Sprinter
    Played 160358 times

    Run as fast as you can and be the first to reach the finish line!

  • Riddle School
    Riddle School
    Played 90415 times

    Help the boy escape from his school by exploring classrooms and using items.

  • Papa's Cupcakeria
    Papa's Cupcakeria
    Played 60392 times

    A crash course in cupcakes?? That’ll be the icing on the cake…

  • Basketball Legends
    Basketball Legends
    Played 120289 times

    Join the best basketball players from America as they hit the court to show off their skills in this online game. Dunk, shoot and blast past your favorite stars while you aim for the hoop.

  • Penguin Diner 2: Restaurant Food Game
    Penguin Diner 2: Restaurant Food Game
    Played 72388 times

    Penguins ordering cakes and cokes? What is the world coming to?

  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Played 93881 times

    As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?

  • The Impossible Quiz 2
    The Impossible Quiz 2
    Played 77531 times

    It’s not called impossible for nothing…