Dynasty Street

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6 players

Dynasty Street

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How to play Dynasty Street

Left/Right = Walk Shift+Left/Right = Run Up = Jump Down = Crouch Z/X = Punch, Kick, Use Weapons Up+Z/X = Jump Kicks Use rapid attacks to fill your adrenaline bar. When "Special" appears, your attack power increases as long as the bar stays above 50%. Pick up weapons and power-ups you find to use them. (Power-ups only last for a short time.) To use grenades, pick them up and then set their path by moving your mouse, pressing Z or X to throw them. To use a mine, press Z to place it, and then lure an enemy across it or press Space to make it explode. Rid the underworld of the Red gang in Adventure mode, see how long you can hold out in the arena in Survival mode, or clear successively more different rooms of enemies in Tournament mode.


Sometimes street life really is Black or Red.

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