Goodgame Empire FAQ

1. How can I change the name of my castle/flag?

This option is not available yet. You can choose the name of your castle when you get the level 4. This name will stay for ever so you should think about it well because you will keep it for ever. Radical names, negative insinuations and strong language are not allowed.

It is the same for your coat of arms and your flag, you can´t change them either. You have the oportunity to create them during the registration process only.


2. What are commanders and spies used for?

Commanders allow you to launch multiple attacks at the same time. To create the headquarters you need to reach level 4. From level 15 you can upgrade your headquarters to level 2 and from level 28 and up to maximum level (level 3). Every level of your headquarters gives you the posibility to increase your commanders capacity by 3. The maximum number of commanders you can have is 9.

You should take into account that the headquarters doesn´t give you more commanders, only the option to increase the maximum number of them is available for you. In fact, only with the sword brothers you get commanders. For example: With your headquarters in level 1 and having 2 sword brothers you get 1 commander. With 17 sword brothers and your headquarters at level 3 you will get 9 commanders ( maximum ).

Taverns give you the posibility of recruiting spies. You can recruit one spy in each tavern. The first tavern can be built in level 7 and in level 8 you can build up 3 of them. That means that you can have up 3 spies. On the other hand there is no limit for the guardhouses, you can build as much as you want. You can upgrade your taverns at level 18, as well as your guardhouses.From level 18 an up you´ll be able to upgrade your guardhouses to level 3 and in level 30 you can do the same with your taverns.

If you send a spy to another player´s castle or to a robber baron castle he can give you precious information about its ressources, soldiers,..You have two kinds of espionages: military or economic. In the economic espionage you can know the resouces of your enemy. On the other hand with the millitary espionage you can know the number and position of its soldiers and defense tools. The more spies you send the lowest will be the probability of being caught. This probability has to do with the grade of precision of your espionage as well. You can only do millitary espionage to a robber baron castle.


3. How can I be part of an alliance?

There are different ways to join to an alliance. The easiest way is create your own alliance. To create an alliance you should have bought rubies at least once, then you can use them to create the alliance.

To join to an alliance you have to be invited by a member., who has the rights to do it.


4. How can I get coins?

There are 3 ways of getting coins. The easiest one is collecting taxes. If you attack  a baron robber castle you get coins as well, but not if it is a player´s castle.You will get coins from another player if you can fend off his attack on your castle.


5. How can I get rubies?

You will get rubies in every quest as long as  the quest is not a XP quest. You get rubies in every level up as well. You also have the posibility of getting 300 rubies by receiving your welcome present. Twice a week you get rubies with the login bonus. Finally, you can buy rubies in the paymentshop using real money.


6. How can I start again from the begining? Can I move my account to another world?

Moving your account to another world is not possible. Same thing for payments, they cannot be transfered between worlds. To start again from the begining you can wait until your account get automatically deleted. That will take at  least 1 week in low levels and up to 30 days in high levels. There is also the possibility to ask support to delete your account for you.  When you have received a confirmation that your account has been erased, you can use your email and register again. You mustn´t do it before you receive the confirmation because you could be banned for using multiaccounts!


7. Can I play in different worlds?

Of course. Worlds are independent from each other so you can have an account in each one. That means that you can be an active player in several worlds. The important thing is that in each world you can have only one account. If you have more than one in a world all of them will be banned.


8. Can I be banned for an insult or threat?

Attacking threats are not considered as a violation of the rules, as long as they are not carried into the real world. But if you insult  someone you will be banned!

For example: „ If you don´t send me 100 of food every day I will attack you until your castle is on fire“ is accepted, but „Tell me your address and I will come over there“ is not accepted and it will be punished. The level of the punishment will be determined by the support.


9. How can I increase my honor?

If you want to get more honor you have to attack and win against other players. The players you want to attack should not be  low on honor points or you will receive little or no honor points for defeating them.

 In the low level area you can get honor points even if the enemy has no honor points.


10. How can I transport resources?

You need to build a marketplace.You have 5 market barrows for each level of your marketplace. You can carry up 100 ressources in each market barrow, like wood, stone or food. You can reduce the time of the delivery between the members of your alliance as long as you upgraded the travel speed option in the alliance menu. 

If you look for other suggestions about the game we encourage you to communicate with other players and share your experience with them through personal messages and comments underneath the game.


11. How do I get a castellan?

In order to get a castellan, you need to build a new building: an estate. You can hire one castellan for each estate. It works similarly to the tavern building (each tavern allows you to have one spy). When you upgrade an estate, you can get another castellan. Please keep in mind that this option is only available from level 13 on.


12. How can you move and demolish forts and buildings?

All the forts and buildings you own have three options for actions in the game.
First: Click the building and you’ll have the option to move it elsewhere.
Second: If you want to rotate an object, you can move it and turn it the way you want.
Third: Once you reach level 4, you’ll have the option to demolish items. This option is the only way to stop using the building—otherwise you’ll have to wait until it decays.

If you look for other suggestions about the game we encourage you to communicate with other players and share your experience with them through personal messages and comments underneath the game.