Café Top 10 FAQ

1. How do I start playing the game?

Welcome to your new café! You’re not only the boss, but also the head chef. Your job is to cook delicious recipes from your trusty cook book. Follow the prompts to select recipes, purchase ingredients, and prepare tasty dishes. Once a dish is completed, a waiter will serve it to your hungry customers. Don’t forget to clean your dirty stove before you get started on the next mouth-watering recipe!

2. How do I access my cook book?

Access your cook book by clicking either the icon in the lower-right corner of the screen or a stove that’s not in use. Check the cook book to view your available recipes and the ingredients you need to cook them. You must have all the correct ingredients in storage before you can start cooking a recipe for your customers.

3. How do I get ingredients?

Click the store icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to purchase ingredients. There you can buy all the ingredients you need. You can store ingredients in your fridge or sell them when you no longer need them.

Important: Not all ingredients are always available! Stock up on some specialty ingredients when you see them available for purchase in the store. Ingredients unlocked in levels 0-1 are always available.

4. How can I decorate and expand my café?

Decorate, upgrade, and expand your café by clicking the Customize icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. When you activate this menu, all characters disappear from your café and the action freezes, allowing you the freedom to redecorate, update, and expand your space without interruption. Click items you want to buy or use and drag them into the desired location. Drag items back to this menu to put them in storage or to sell them back to the store. To finish customizing your café and resume playing, click the green check mark.

5. What’s my luxury value?

Your café’s luxury value is displayed below your name at the top-center of the screen. The furniture and decorations in your café all have a unique luxury value that boosts your overall rating. The higher your luxury value, the less your popularity will decline when you don’t have any dishes to serve on the counter.

6. What is a co-op?

Co-ops (short for cooperation) provide an option for you to work on cooking challenges with other players. Click the Co-ops icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to view active and available co-ops. You can view the required dishes, the max number of participants, the minimum level to participate, and the time requirements for completing each challenge. To join a challenge already in progress, click the Active tab. Make sure to check what other players are working on before you join an active co-op so that you don’t replicate a dish that is already being prepared.

Important: You can only participate in one co-op at a time and you MUST complete at least one dish in order to receive the challenge reward.

7. Can I work in other people’s cafés?

Yes. In the market place, you can search for jobs in other people’s cafés or hire people to work in yours. Click the “Look for a job” icon on the black board in the market place to let other players know you are interested in working in their cafés. Each player can work in someone else’s café 5 times per day—work is rewarded with Cafédollars and XP. To hire someone to work in your café, simply click their avatar. Jobs take around 5 minutes to complete and can be canceled at any time. After you’ve finished a job, you’ll receive a pop-up message detailing the XP and Cafédollars you’ve just earned.

8. What else can I do in the market place?

You can meet and chat with other players, visit their cafés, view their achievements, as well as add or delete them from your friend list.

9. Who is the Muffin Man? What’s the Wheel of Fortune?

The Muffin Man is located to the right of your café. Click him to play the “Find the filling!” mini-game and earn bonus Cafédollars or gold.

The Wheel of Fortune is located in the market place. Spin it for a chance to win great prizes—cool decorations, fancy ingredients, cocktail cherries, XP, or even gold. You get one free spin per day and you’ll always win a prize, guaranteed!

10. What should I do with customers who have an empty glass over their head?

These customers are thirsty guests you can send to the Frosty machine for a drink. Frosty is a slushy drink maker you can place in your café. Once you have placed Frosty in your café, click the machine to select the drink you would like to mix from the recipe book. Click thirsty customers and they will serve themselves from the machine. In return, you’ll be rewarded with Cafédollars, XP, and/or increased popularity.

If you look for other suggestions about the game we encourage you to communicate with other players and share your experience with them through personal messages and comments underneath the game.  

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